Multiple XML-RPC calls over the same connection?

Roger Binns rogerb at
Sun Oct 31 07:17:23 CET 2004

Jeremy Bowers wrote:
> On Fri, 29 Oct 2004 18:47:57 -0700, Roger Binns wrote:
>> The default implementation uses HTTP as a transport, but that is
>> not a requirement.
> No, it is actually written into the spec.
> "An XML-RPC message is an HTTP-POST request." - right there in the
> overview, and the author means it; he's said it directly to me.

Err, a few paragraphs before that it also says:

  "This specification documents the XML-RPC protocol implemented
   in UserLand Frontier 5.1."

If I want to talk to UserLand Frontier or be a replacement server
then I would have to (at least) do HTTP-POST support.  I don't see
any requirement for a program to have to do HTTP-POST in order to
claim XML-RPC compliance, although I would certainly agree that
HTTP is the default and most common transport.


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