Python in Process Control?

Ville Vainio ville at
Fri Oct 1 15:31:42 CEST 2004

>>>>> "Wolfgang" == Wolfgang Keller <wolfgang.keller.nospam at> writes:

    >> OPC is just DCOM,

    Wolfgang> Well, if it is sooo easy, why has noone done a freeware
    Wolfgang> twisted OPC module yet...? >;->

I didn't say it is easy, it just shouldn't be harder than, say, doing
it in C++ (even if you will find more example programs in C++).

    Wolfgang> To start with I "just" need to "emulate" an OPC server
    Wolfgang> to play around a little bit with a SCADA package, so
    Wolfgang> everything more than importing a module and
    Wolfgang> instantiating an OPC server class with a few lines is a
    Wolfgang> little bit over my head...

Well, I can say it's definitely not going to be that easy. You, too
will soon learn to apprecate how much OPC sucks ;-). I did implement
an OPC client library in my previous job (after which OPC was actually
quite usable), but it's proprietary.

    Wolfgang> (Could it be that I'm a little bit pampered by the vast
    Wolfgang> Python module collection available for other domains
    Wolfgang> than industrial automation...? >:->)

Probably. Industrial automation is not necessarily "interesting" if
you are not working there. Open industrial automation infrastructure
would be an extremely interesting avenue for academic research and
subsequent lucrative consulting, though...

Ville Vainio

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