Include pysqlite2 into Python 2.5?

Ganesan R rganesan at
Thu Oct 21 11:16:18 CEST 2004

>>>>> "Gerhard" == Gerhard Haering <gh at> writes:

> Last December, we had a short thread discussing (in python-dev) the
> integration of PySQLite into Python 2.4. At the time, I was against
> inclusion, because I thought PySQLite was not ripe for it, mostly
> because I thought the API was not stable.

Thank you for PySQLite and congratulations for reaching the 1.0 milestone. I
have only experimented with PySQLite so far but it's definitely in my
toolbox for any future projects :-).

> I think that a simple embedded relational database would be a good
> thing to have in Python by default. And as Python 2.5 won't happen
> anytime soon, there's plenty of time for developing it, getting it
> stable, and integrating it.

+1. bsddb is in there and SQLite definitely deserves to be included. A free
license, no setup, easy to use - what more can you ask for :-).

> Especially those of you that have used PySQLite in the past, do you
> have any suggestions that would make the rewrite a better candidate
> for inclusion into Python?

I have not used it extensively to be able to get meaningful suggestions. My
personal peeve is not with the PySQLite API but with DB-API 2.0. As some one
(Alex Martelli?) mentioned in another thread, it's high time Python
standardized on one (may be two) mandatory param styles.

> One problem I see is that even the new PySQLite will grow and try to
> wrap much of the SQLite API that are not directly related to the
> DB-API. If such a thing is too complicated/big for the standard
> library, then maybe it would be better to produce a much simpler
> PySQLite, especially for the Python standard library that leaves all
> the fancy stuff out. My codename would be "embsql".

> So, what would you like to see? "import sqlite", "import embsql", or
> "pypi.install('pysqlite')" ?

import sqlite


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