Becoming Unicode Aware

Diez B. Roggisch deetsNOSPAM at
Fri Oct 29 21:07:52 CEST 2004

Egil M?ller wrote:

>> Unfortunately the http standard seems to lack a specification how form
>> data encoding is to be transferred. But it seems that most browser which
>> understand a certain encoding your page is delivered in will use that for
>> replying.
> Fourtunately, this is utter bullshit :)
> Send the Content-Type http header to the client, with the value
> "text/html; charset=UTF-8". You may have to send it both as an HTTP
> header and as a meta http-equiv-HTML tag to get it to work with all
> browsers though. Usually (I don't knwo if it is really in the standard
> that the client have to behave this way), the client will reply in the
> same encoding as you sent your page with the form. Anyway, the client
> will prolly set a similar tag upon reply, but I don't know about that,
> and don't care as just expecting the same encoding works for all major
> browsers (mozilla, IE, opera).

You claim that my statement is bullshit, and then paraphrase it - delivering
a page in a certain encoding means exactly that it contains the charset
header, as that is required unless you use iso-8859-1 which is default:

And then you as point out that expecting the right encoding usually works,
but only because of expirience, not because its standarized to behave that
way - now where is that different from saying that most browsers will use
that for replying?

I've no problem beeing corrected, or having my statements clarified - but I
don't think they generally qualify as bullshit, and prefer not to be
accused of uttering it.


Diez B. Roggisch

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