Mandis Quotes (aka retiring """ and ''')

EP EP at
Wed Oct 6 06:23:34 CEST 2004

Russell Nelson notes:

> Choose poor examples, and then criticize them as poor choices?

true enough, but the suggested scheme introduces another variable into the language syntax; I might always make good choices <wink> on what delimiter I choose, but I might also end up working on code written by someone else who makes less good choices.  Or vice versa.

> Exactly.  It really would be better to have one(1) string literal
> which can quote anything without reverting to backslashing.  Why one?
> Simpler parsing, simpler learning of the language, fewer choices to
> make while programming.

Agreed, though the paradox has already been noted in this thread...  if anyone has a brilliant answer, it'd be a fascinating mind bend.


Python syntax is great, but I sometimes wonder: where did all the semicolons go and what do they do there?  Do they languish unemployed and on the dole?

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