execvp() on Solaris

Andrew MacIntyre andymac at bullseye.apana.org.au
Tue Oct 19 16:17:00 CEST 2004

On Tue, 19 Oct 2004, mikeSpindler wrote:

> You might not be aware - os.system calls execvp.  Thus, when I call
> os.system I'm getting execvp errors when I run on Solaris.  Thank you
> for the responses so far.  I'd love to hear how to resolve the known
> issue of Python not using the system's execvp.  THANK YOU!

os.system() calls system() (in Modules/posixmodule.c).  How any given
libc implements system() is a vendor issue, but it doesn't surprise me
that it would use execvp().

Without the exact error message, as other replies have also requested,
we're no wiser.

I also don't comprehend your assertion about there being a known issue of
Python not using the system's execvp().  If your gripe is that Lib/os.py
implements os.execvp() in terms of execv()/execve(), then information
about why you believe that is a problem would also be appreciated.

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