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Helmut Jarausch jarausch at
Wed Oct 27 16:15:51 CEST 2004

Erik Johnson wrote:
>     I have done a fair amount of regular expression text processing in Perl,
> and am currently trying to convert a running Perl script into Python (for a
> number of reasons I won't go into here). I have not had any problems with
> memory limits using Perl, but in trying to clip out a particular table from
> a web page, I am hitting Python's recursion limit.
> The RE is pretty simple:
> pat = '(<table.*?%s.*?</table>)' % magic_string
>     This seems about as simple as a "real-world" RE can get. If I cut down
> the web page to about 150 lines, this works, but that's not practical - the
> table I need to parse can easily gro to over 1000 lines.  I found the
> following bit in the reference manual from section 4.2.6:

You can do without REs. There is an (even non-recursive) version of
mxTextTools  see
and it's really fast.

Helmut Jarausch

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