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Max M <maxm at> wrote:
> Zope Page Templates has a far better approach to this imho. Where you 
> define reusable markup in a macro.
> The box could then be defined with title and content slots like::
>      <div metal:define-macro="box">
>          <h5><metal:block define-slot="title">The title</metal:block></h5>
>          <metal:block define-slot="content"/>This is example 
> content</metal:block>
>      </div>
> [snip]
> This approach makes it relatively easy to reuse markup as well as logic. 
> It is possible use arbitrarily complex markups as "parameters" to the 
> slots in the template. Wich makes it very nice for larger systems.

Which with Nevow is perfectly natural since you can do:

<div nevow:render="content">
    <nevow:slot name="content" />

and then in the code:

def render_content(self, ctx, data):
    ctx.tag.fillSlots('content', My_Fragment())
    return ctx.tag

Just like I've done in weever (on berlios) where there is a main file that
defines the base class for all the pages and requires a content fragment as
argument with which it will fill the empty slot to render the whole page.

Then I subclass the main page class to give the behaviour I need, and then I
pass the content 'page' to have it rendered in the output.

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