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Brian van den Broek bvande at
Tue Oct 5 07:03:51 CEST 2004

Richard Blackwood said unto the world upon 2004-10-05 00:32:
> Grant Edwards wrote:
>> On 2004-10-05, Richard Blackwood <richardblackwood at> 
>> wrote:


>>> Anyhow, I wasn't trying to muster up anything or annoy anyone.
>>> My sincere apologies to all who were offended.
>> Apology accepted on the condition that you read
>> how-to-ask-smart-questions, and go browse around
>> for 15 minutes.
> I'll browse around for a few hours instead of throwing in the 
> "how-to-ask-smart-questions" part.  ;-)

Wrong order of priorities, methinks. Browsing will help you a
fair bit with python. Reading
<> will help you learn
more about Python and any other thing one might ever post to a newsgroup
or mail-list about. From your various posts, it is clear that the
lessons of the second piece would be much more helpful to your future
projects than would be a browse of


Brian vdB

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