2D height map to 3D model?

Richard Shea richardshea at despammed.com
Mon Oct 11 05:11:46 CEST 2004

Hi Phil - You don't seem to be getting much in the way of replies so I
thought I would put my 2 cents in ...

PhilC <pcooke at philc.net> wrote in message news:<skfgm0pev6ld2p6k7n2e9q1tt442kselh9 at 4ax.com>...
> Hi Folks,
> I'm looking to write a Python script that will take a 2D BMP (or
> height map) and translate it into a 3D model in OBJ format.

I think you're saying that your input data would be a 2-dimensional
array each element of which would indicate an height above sea level
for that X,Y coordinate (the more I read your original question the
more I doubt my assumption but here goes anyway).

Firstly if you can mangle your data into some format which would be
acceptable as format I suspect that this ...


... might do that job.

Assuming that you can't do the mangling (I know I couldn't) have you
seen this ...


... and as an instance of the output you might get, this ...


Another option I came across was this ...


... I suspect however that you wanted some output that looked, however
roughly, like an aerial photograph - would be interested to know. I
live in a hilly, rather attractive city and have long wondered about
the possibility of being able to build a model of the land in

Sorry this isn't more help. Maybe you could expand on your needs a
little ?


Richard Shea.

> Something of a challenge for me but if it were easy life would be
> boring :)
> Does anyone know if such a script already exists?
> Or any pointers would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> PhilC

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