Win32+Zope+Python+Databases: What are my options?

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Oct 26 22:24:11 CEST 2004

Carl wrote:
> Using COM and ADO on Win32, it is very easy to access databases (eg MySql,
> MS SQL Server, etc) from Python.
> Does anybody know if it is possible to access databases from Zope (which is
> written in Python) using COM and ADO? 

Do you mean "Does Zope have built-in support for this?"
or "Does such a facility already exist for Zope?" or something else?

Because if, as you note, Zope is written in Python, then it
should be reasonably obvious that you can write a Zope
extensions/script/product which will do exactly what you need,
if one doesn't already exist.

By the way, Python has a "DB API", which pair of acronyms may help
direct your web searches for a solution...


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