[OT] New to Python: Features

Richard Blackwood richardblackwood at cloudthunder.com
Thu Oct 7 16:53:46 CEST 2004

Oh no, I thought I wrote that accident.  I don't like any brackets or 
else.  I like to write:   foo x, y   or    foo: x,y
I prefer the latter actually.

>hmmm, closest I can come is...:
>class MakeEugeniHappy(object):
>    def __init__(self, f):
>        self.f = f
>    def __getitem__(self, args):
>        if isinstance(args, tuple): return self.f(*args)
>        else: return self.f(args)
>@ MakeEugeniHappy
>def f(x): return x*3+1
>Now, 'print f[23]' emits 70.  No way to call functions without
>arguments, and a bit of a mess to call one with an argument that's a
>tuple (I decided f[1,2,3] had better map to the original f(1,2,3) -- so
>to call the original f((1,2,3)) you need f[(1,2,3),] ...!-).  One way
>around the "call without arguments" would be to check if
>isinstance(args, slice) and specialcase slices with None for all
>attributes, so f[:] would call the original f().
Are you saying that if I have only one argument then I may drop the 
parenthesis? Naw, your not saying that.

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