How can I do French and English Spell Checking using MS Word from Python

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Tue Oct 19 10:04:23 CEST 2004

[Peter Maximus]
| I want to use the MS Word spell checker from my Python 
| program. I check the
| spelling a word at a time. It works fine for English but I 
| can not force it
| to use French when I am using that language.
| The French spell checking works find when done directly in 
| the Word window.
| I have the automatic language detection turned off, the 
| language set to
| French, and keyboard set to French

Nothing immediate, although I have used COM-automation to
do (default=English) spell-checking. I'm not overly familiar
with the ways in which Word determines the language to use
for spell-checking. Can you explain what you do to have
"the language set to French"? (I doubt the keyboard setting
makes any difference).

A usually useful approach in working through Microsoft Office
issues is to record the same command within Word as a macro
and then to see what VBA code it generates. This can sometimes
give a clue as to the (often undocumented) steps you have to
go through to make something happen the way you want.


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