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Andrew Dalke adalke at
Tue Oct 5 06:41:56 CEST 2004

Richard Blackwood wrote:
> OK.  I idea was that someone who knew alot about one particular would 
> respond to that question, and other someone who knew alot about another 
> particular would respond to another question, and so forth.  A poor 
> idea?  Seeing the result, I guess so.  Sorry to have bothered anyone.

The reason it was poor idea was not considering that on
a project like Python with nearly 15 years of work behind
it, dozens of books, thousands of magazine articles,
millions of lines of code, etc. that those answers might
already have been collected into documentation and organized
in such a way that a person like you could find all those
answers, plus details you wouldn't get from such simple
questions, plus answers to questions you haven't even
thought of asking.

To follow up, now that someone answered all your questions
are you any more knowledgeable about Python?  I suspect
not because those answers don't hang together coherently
so you'll need to read the documentation anyway.

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