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On Tue, 19 Oct 2004 05:48:56 GMT, Maurice LING <mauriceling at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for a suitable thesis topic, so I hope that I can gather
> some advice on this area that I'm thinking of.
> Jython appears as a relatively successful attempt to bridge Python to
> Java and I find that the best part is that it can convert Python codes
> into Java codes. As said in the webpage, it is a python interpreter
> written in Java. I am wondering if it is worth reversing this, that is,
> a Java interpreter implemented in Python?
> A Google search comes up with JPI and PyJava.
> Is this still a viable area to look into or it is too done?

If you dont' _need_ to include Java in your thesis, why not help with
PyPy? It's the Python interpreter written in Python. It's regarded as
a important piece of software for experimentation with the Python
language itself. Give it a look:

p.s. There is a rumour that the PyPy team secretly believes that they
can make it run *faster* than CPython. Does it makes it a good thesis?

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