Is there a "Large Scale Python Software Design" ?

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Sat Oct 23 01:03:02 CEST 2004

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Jonathan  Ellis <jbellis at> wrote:
>What is the biggest system you have built with python personally?  I'm
>happy to be proven wrong, but honestly, the most enthusiastic "testing
>solves all my problem" people I have seen haven't worked on anything
>"large" -- and my definition of large agrees with Alex's; over 100
>kloc, more than a handful of developers.

So you're saying that both attributes are necessary?  (We're essentially
three programmers, but the codebase seems to be on the order of 150kloc,
about 2/3 of which is Python and the rest is HTML templates.  I didn't
bother doing an exact check 'cause I'm in the middle of something else.)
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