Python Macros

gabriele renzi rff_rff at
Wed Oct 6 15:14:33 CEST 2004

Alex Martelli ha scritto:
> gabriele renzi <rff_rff at> wrote:
>    ...
>>better than I can, but basically it boils down to applying operations to
>>a whole collection at once, in APL style.
> Numeric has been doing just that for many years, and indeed using
> Numeric does _feel_ to me very close to using APL in some cases, minus
> the illegibility.  So, I don't see any case for changing the language.

indeed the OOPAL papers considers python's Numeric, and founds the need 
for still changing the language.
As I said, you can read it and found a better explanation than the one I 
could give you.

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