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Thu Oct 21 20:38:59 CEST 2004

On Thu, 2004-10-21 at 06:20 +0000, Andrew Dalke wrote:
> Robby Russell wrote:
> > Have you considered wxMozilla?
> > 
> > www.wxmozilla.org
> What's the project status?  Last update on that page is
> from 2003-10-11, or over a year ago.  I see a mailing from
> Kevin Ollivier dated 2004-09-13 commenting on some bugs
> under Mac OS X (my platform of choice) saying
>  > I've already spent a considerable amount of time on this,
>  > and I'm not sure how much I will continue working on this
>  > in the near future.

wxMozilla isn't currently usable on OS X for wxPython 2.5 (and you'll
want 2.5 on that platform).

> Ahh, and there's one dated 2004-10-15 from Kevin suggesting
> wxWebKitCtrl as an alternative for that platform.  But
> there are few search hits for that term.  Anyone have a
> better point for info about it?

Yes, Kevin just wrapped wxWebKitCtrl for wxPython.  It's in the current

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