Method Underscores? (and a 'solution')

Steve Holden steve at
Fri Oct 22 13:43:08 CEST 2004

Alex Martelli wrote:

> Jeremy Bowers <jerf at> wrote:
> Roughly, I guess.  But a typical Applescript might be:
> tell application "Microsoft Word"
>    open "MyWordFile"
>    set selection to paragraph 1
>    data size of selection as string
> end tell
>>I guess if you're so stuck on the double-underscore-is-too-much-
>>punctuation idea, you *deserve* to try to do all your programming in a
>>combo of COBOL and Applescript :-)
What a dreadful; fate to wish on anybody!

>>I'm thinking I'll stick with Python.
> Me, too.  But I understand how the "antiperl" (lrep?-) nearly
> punctuation free style of Applescript may be tempting -- if Applescript
> were cross-platform, it might perhaps make an even better beginners'
> language than Python (and I think that of few languages).  It doesn't
> scale up as well as Python, though, it appears to me.
Yeah, it does have that Logo-like quality about it, doesn't it? For 
beginners, of course, it's typically more interesting to be able to 
write scripts to get their computers to do things they'd otherwise have 
to do themselves, so AppleScript-for-Windows might be a good Python project!

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