Writing a Python font viewer/manager

Bats nomail at no.way
Fri Oct 29 13:15:09 EDT 2004

Jaime Wyant had this to say:

> The code below works in windows.  I assume it works in linux also.
> The code illustrates how to create a "font-picker".  If you want
> something more advanced, you could roll up your sleeves and create
> your own.  It wouldn't be too bad.  Check out wx.FontEnumerator.
> wx.FontEnumerator will enumerate the fonts on your system (duhhh...)
Thanks for that code. I am still new to wx and guis via Python.
The area that actually displays the font - is that a 'control' or something
I can directly work with? Maybe it can be made longer, have a scroll-bar
and show multiple lines of differing fonts - something like that?

Any QT suggestions?
(I can only post on weekends and rare times during the week.)

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