Completely INNOCENT Indentation question

Josiah Carlson jcarlson at
Thu Oct 14 07:26:09 CEST 2004

> Because you work with a text editor that shows an 'outline' 
> of your code based on the indentation, and you want the outline
> structure to be reflected in the comments.
> ### documentation
>     """ This is a python script that does some stuff.
>     Not only does it do stuff, it's documented stuff. 
>     """
> ### initialize python
>     import foo
>     import bar
> ### do some stuff
>     print foo.frobilize()
> ### do some other stuff
>     print bar.babelize()
> ### end of python
> Yes the question may remain ... why would anyone wanna do 
> that? Well, there are reasons. Whatever the justifications
> may be, the 'additional language statements' workaround will
> apparently have to suffice.

Considering that many text editors, program editors, IDEs, etc., come
with syntax highlighting, would using different colors for comments be
sufficient?  They tend work well for me.  In terms of an outline, many
editors also have the ability to pull out comments of a certain format,
pull out function and class names, etc.

I'm curious as to what editor you use that has such an outline feature.

 - Josiah

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