Python to Python communication

Harald Massa cpl.19.ghum at
Mon Oct 11 18:34:20 EDT 2004

Hello Irmen,

> Pyro is "ripe"... version 3.0 was released Q4, 2002, so the 3.x
> versions have been around and in active use for 2 years now.

That is really good information! Thank you. "active for 2 years" is 
rather "mature" then only "ripe" :)))

> I've been talking about Pyro 4.0 for a long time, but we haven't
> even begun the real design of it. 
> What is it that makes you shudder?

Really exactly that :))) I do not know you at all; as I said: your 
presentation, the documentation and the voices within c.l.p. give me a 
very positive feeling towards you and your software. So all my 
"shuddering" comes from this bits of information: "the author of a 
product thinks to further develop it a complete redesign - not a gradual 
upgrade - is necessary - so maybe I should wait for that" :)) And the 
fear, that new ideas will be postponed to the imaginary future version. 
(I tend do to such things with my own projects, too )

So I will give a very deep look at PyRo and spread... especially because 
I need that "peer to peer"

Thank you all for your support!


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