How do you do this in python with tk?

Ali alikakakhel3 at
Thu Oct 14 16:08:40 CEST 2004

Thank you all!! it now works just fine! The following is the final code!

import Tkinter
def add_rows(w, titles, rows):
    w.configure(state = 'normal')
    for r in rows:
       for t, v in zip(titles, r):
           w.insert("end", "%s:\t%s\n" % (t, v))
       w.insert("end", "\n")

app = Tkinter.Tk()
t = Tkinter.Text(app, state='disabled')
info = [['Ali',18],
add_rows(t, ["Name", "Age"], info)

Thank you all again! :):):)

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