Writing a Python font viewer/manager

Bats nomail at no.way
Thu Oct 28 22:23:12 CEST 2004

On Windows, I used to have a little app that would let me navigate visually
through my 20,000+ fonts and I could create groups of them for quick
install/remove from the system. It was great to be able to type in a word
(say for a logo) and then see it in all the fonts.

I would like to write something similar for Linux (and maybe it'll work on
others) in Python.

I am not really a pro - this would be my first significant Python attempt
and I was wondering if anyone had any pointers.

I have looked at the demos for WxPython - it looks quite good. It crashed
badly on an example where you can drag playing cards around. I tried to
drag the font (or the text) and it hung, not a good sign!

I see that KDE has a way to see ttf files - is there a way to get at that
control via PyQT?

Is an HTML control of some kind the way to go?

It should be able to list hundreds of font samples and allow one to scroll
through them. Being able to 'select' a font by clicking the visual would
also be good.

Any thoughts would be great.
(I can only post on weekends and rare times during the week.)

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