Python in Process Control?

Grant Edwards grante at
Fri Oct 1 16:42:58 CEST 2004

On 2004-10-01, Neil Benn <benn at> wrote:

> IMHO, I think that Python is not a suitable piece of software
> for industrial control as it has poor support for bytes (a
> string shouldn't be used to store bytes!)

It's incovenient, but it works.  I often end up converting the
string representation to/from a list of integers.

> and also bit twiddling is difficult (people who ask about his
> on the Python newsgroup are usually shouted at).

Bit twiddling didn't used to be difficult, but it's getting
more so. :(  Programs that used to be fine are now throwing
warnings about shift operations, hex constants, and things like

A while back, somebody wrote a pure-python fixed-length integer
class that looked like it would be handy. A C implimentation of
byte arrays would be very handy, since then you wouldn't have
to convert back and forth between strings and lists of

The combination of a C-language byte-array and C-language
fixed-length integer operations would kill.

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