Python and ESRI (GIS)

Steven Citron-Pousty scitronpousty at
Thu Oct 14 22:43:17 CEST 2004

Python is not a replacement for Avenue. In ArcGIS, VBA is the
replacement for Avenue. Python is a closer, and far superior
replacement, to AML. They have really integrated quite nicely into
their product.

"Robert Brewer" <fumanchu at> wrote in message news:<mailman.3436.1095396279.5135.python-list at>...
> Tim Churches wrote:
> > It seems that Python skills are now highly desirable for GIS 
> > people using ESRI 
> > products - and ESRI has a major slice of the GIS software 
> > market. ESRI seems to be 
> > positioning Python as a replacement for its own proprieatry 
> > scripting language 
> > (Avenue)? Is that correct?
> Probably. I just took an ArcView I class last week from GeoMorphIS;
> while the (very competent) lecturer lectured, I played with Python 2.1
> installed on the desktop provided ;)
> ArcView is the stripped-down version of ArcEdit, the stripped-down
> version of ArcInfo, the premiere ESRI GIS client. All of these packages
> use a central scripting tool called ArcToolbox for *all* scripting, from
> geo DB's to the client software itself. The object model is pretty
> complete. It is my understanding that any of those scripts can be
> written in Python. None of the defaults were, however.
> So there's that anecdote. Plus, whenever we mention to anyone from ESRI
> or their partners that I write everything in Python at work, their ears
> perk up *noticeably*. "Ooooh, so you use Python...? Cool... You're using
> pygarmin to push and pull GPS data already? Let me send over one of our
> engineers..."
> Buzz is fun. :) I have a trial copy of ArcView if you have any specific
> questions.
> Robert Brewer
> Amor Ministries
> fumanchu at

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