py2exe 0.5.4 released

Thomas Heller theller at
Fri Oct 22 21:06:18 CEST 2004

**py2exe 0.5.4** released

py2exe is a Python distutils extension which converts python scripts
into executable windows programs, able to run without requiring a
python installation.  Console and Windows (GUI) applications, windows
NT services, exe and dll COM servers are supported.

Changes in this release:

    * The new ``--xref`` or ``-x`` command line switch instructs
      py2exe to create a python module cross reference and display it
      in the webbrowser.  This allows to answer question why a certain
      module has been included, or if you can exlude a certain module
      and it's dependencies.  This has *not* been extensively tested,
      but it's a start.  Also, the html page includes links which will
      even allow to view the source code of a module in the browser,
      for easy inspection.

      A sample cross reference can be found here, note that the links
      to open the .py files will of course not work over the internet:

    * Mark Hammond fixed some thread state issues with dll com

    * Mark Hammond added support for standalone ISAPI dlls.

    * py2exe now can handle python modules with the '.pyw' extension.

    * It is now allowed to specify 'zipfile=None' in the setup script,
      in this case the zip archive containing the python modules will
      be appended to the exe file.



Download from the usual location:




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