GUI to browse and select images

D. Rush dlrush-nospam at
Tue Oct 5 02:11:28 CEST 2004


It would be helpful to know a little more about your intended interface,
etc.  But here is a starting point to find some projects that may do what
you want:


<ktenney at> wrote in message
news:1096715845.204540.281600 at
> Howdy,
> I've written some code which manipulates images,
> now I want an interface for choosing images.
> I'm curious what people might recommend as the
> easiest way framework to do the following:
> - present a (directory) view, with images represented
> by thumbnails
> - provide structure for selecting images
> - provide structure for choosing manipulations
> to send the selected images to. (the selected
> image file name(s) become paramaters to functions)
> Thanks,
> Kent

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