After a file browsing script

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Thu Oct 7 10:26:11 CEST 2004

| Basically, I want a script that will open a nice neat little graphical
| file browser, that'll enable me to browse my hard drive when 
| I press the "Open" button on the interface.
| I suppose I want to be able to feed it a location on HD as an 
| argument, and have it return a file location when I press "Select". 
| That type of thing.

What you're talking about sounds like the standard File-Open dialog
on whatever platform / windowing toolkit you're using. Is this right?

If it is, the answer depends on which toolkit / OS you're using. On
Win32, you could use win32ui.CreateFileDialog from pywin32 (he says,
not having tried it). Doubtless there are equivalents on Mac and
within wxPython or PyGTK or whatever. Depends on what you're already using.

More info from you would probably get a more useful answer.


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