Is there a "Large Scale Python Software Design" ?

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> Lastly, I'm still looking for systematic ways to test system integration
> that are as effective as unit tests are for each single component or
> subsystem; but that's an area where type and const checking are of just
> about negligible help.
System integration has a completely different nature than unit testing.
During system integration the "unforeseens" and the "unknowns" pop-up. And
of course the not-communicated, implicit human assumptions are uncovered.
And the "non-functional" behavior is a source of problems (response times,
memory footprint, etc). Many system integration problems are semantic
problems. system integration is often dufficult due to heterogeniety of the
problems, technologies and the people involved. In other words the larger
the system the more challenging systems integration becomes

All of these problems are not addressed at all by static typing. However,
design clarity and compactness does help tremendously. I would expect for
these reasons that Python is a big plus during system integration of large
systems. Of course design attention is required to cope with the
"non-functional" imapct of Python, such as CPU and memory consumption. on
top of that (run-time) instrumentation is very helpful. Here again the
dynamic nature of Python is a big plus.

kind regards, Gerrit Muller
Gaudi Systems Architecting

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