Recent python-mode updates

Skip Montanaro skip at
Thu Oct 21 23:36:20 CEST 2004

For those who don't monitor python-mode checkins (does anyone? I doubt it),
I checked in a couple changes to the python-mode package in the past few
days which may be of interest.  I thought I would post a note so interested
parties can beat on things.

* TAB key cycling - When you type a newline or hit the TAB key the cursor
  moves to the mode-specific idea of the correct tab stop.  Hit TAB again
  and it will back out a stop.  You can keep hitting TAB until the cursor is
  in column 1, at which point hitting TAB one more time will reindent to the
  "correct" tab stop.

* Completion using Pymacs - If you (require 'pycomplete) and have Pymacs
  installed, as much of the dot expression preceding (point) will be
  completed as possible.  For example, with

    import time

  at the top of the file, if you enter

  into the current buffer and press M-TAB it will complete "time.clock" for
  you.  Global import statements are taken into account, though the code for
  this is fragile.  All of it could use improvement.  I have no idea how to
  hook into Emacs's builtin completion facility.

I created a 1.0alpha release (tar.gz), which is available on SourceForge:

If you have any questions, please direct them to python-mode at  If
you find bugs or have enhancements, please submit a ticket on the
python-mode project at SourceForge.



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