Dynamically Generating a Graph in Python

John Hunter jdhunter at ace.bsd.uchicago.edu
Mon Oct 4 04:50:43 CEST 2004

>>>>> "HansWL" == HansWL  <HansWL at msn.com> writes:

    HansWL> I tried matplotlib 0.63 with Python 2.3.4 on an old Win98
    HansWL> machine (500 MHz, 128 MB RAM) and found that I had to wait
    HansWL> for at least 35 seconds before even the simplest demo plot
    HansWL> appeared. Is this expected?

No it is not expected.  My guess is that something may be wrong with
your configuration.  While I don't have anything as clunky as your
machine to test on <wink>, I do have python 2.3.4 with the same
matplotlib on a 700MHz win98 box with 512 MB RAM.  On that machine,
the standard simple plot (eg
http://matplotlib.sf.net/examples/simple_plot.py) takes about 2s to
launch.  Although your machine is a bit slower and has a good bit less
memory, it's in the same ball park, and my test run is 15 times faster
than yours.  I'm don't think the difference in RAM is the cause of the
difference in performance, because matplotlib doesn't use anywhere
near the amount of RAM you have on your system to make a simple plot.

Try saving`q the simple plot script linked above to your desktop and
running it by double clicking on it.  Does that help?  If so, you may
have an IDE conflict, as described on
http://matplotlib.sf.net/faq.html#FREEZE .  Another common source of
troubles is an incompatible Numeric / numarray setting - see
http://matplotlib.sf.net/faq.html#SLOW .  A third possibility is that
your system is compromised by a virus or is running so many programs
in the background (system tray) that it is out of RAM or some other

If you continue having trouble, it would help if you could post your
platform informations and other settings (see
http://matplotlib.sf.net/.matplotlibrc) to the matplotlib mailing

Hope this helps,

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