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> hi,
> i'm trying to develop a trivial application which random copy files
> from a directory to another one.
> i made it using pygtk for the graphical interface, however i find 
> some problem with progressbar and ListStore:
> basically i need to make pulse the progressbar while i'm copying files
> and write filenames copied on the ListStore on to the window.
> However while copying the window is frozen, even if files are copied
> one by one and when the copy process finish the window is updated
> suddenly.
> This behaviour is well shown if i try to copy files to slow devices
> such as usb disk.

you should use:

while gtk.events_pending():

in the loop, it requests a refresh of the gui. 
So if you use a loop to iterate over a list of files insert that two
lines in the loop, and your gui will be refreshed every iteration.
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