Linux and OS/X on the [desk|lap]top [was Re: Database Connectivity]

Ksenia Marasanova ksenia at
Thu Oct 14 06:18:23 EDT 2004

>> Mac OS X is actually quite superior, though I found out less than a 
>> year
>> ago, and "by accident" -- just because I bought an iBook 12", as the
>> truly-portable laptop with the best price/performance ratio, intending
>> to install Linux on it, then discovered that Darwin/OSX is better.
> Yes, but there is still a learning curve for the average Windows user.

I've ordered an eMac for my mum just a few days ago :). It will replace 
this horrible, constantly crashing piece of hardware she has right now: 
Compaq Presario.
Most of her questions about Windows (in the short periods of time it 
was working), were so Mac-oriented, that I deeply admire Apple for 
their understanding the needs of a non-technical user, who can watch 
movies, listen to the music, import digital camera images without even 
knowing "folders" en "files" concept.
Anyway, I am very curious how it will be going... the eMac must arrive 
this Sunday :p


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