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Tue Oct 5 06:05:48 CEST 2004

Sam Holden <sholden at> wrote:
>> Second, "their" is allowed as a singular pronoun only in those cases where
>> a gender-specific pronoun is called for, but the gender is unclear or would
>> be sexist.  Instead of "Everyone brought his Python manual," we are now
>> allowed to say "Everyone brought their Python manual."
>> However, in the example that started this, "village" has no gender.  Thus,
>> I don't see that "their" is an acceptable alternative to "its" in this
>> case.
>From the blog you dismissed so lightly which is written by someone who must
>qualify as an "expert in the field":

Please don't get angry.  English grammar nitpicking is only fun as long as
no one takes it too seriously.

>"Principal helps their employees" - Principal is a company.

The names of corporations, in formal British English, are plural nouns.
Thus, "Hewlett-Packard are introducing a new printer this month."

>"Treasure Island's having their show right now." - Treasure Island is a
>"picked by Latina Style as one of their list of ..." - Latina Style is
>a magazine.
>Why is a village fundamentally different from a company, hotel, or magazine?

Dunno.  One could use the corporation argument for Treasure Island, but I
would have used "its" for Latina Style.
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