Can Python run on the Internet

Rick Holbert holbertr at
Wed Oct 20 14:53:29 CEST 2004


Yes, python can run from the command prompt on a remote computer. I do this
all the time by developing prototypes of my programming assignments in
Python or Jython for my computer science classes.  I then translate the
working prototypes into the target language of the course (Java, C++, C,

Some of the free Unix shell providers may have Python installed:

You could also install Linux on an old PC, hook it up to your LAN, and set
up shell accounts for your students so they can have access to Python from
the command prompt.

In either case, in lieu of telnet, I'd recommend using secure shell (ssh)
because it's more secure.

Putty is a program for Windows that provides ssh capabilities.


John Mowbray wrote:

> I'd like to use Python in my classes, but some students do not have a
> pc.  They do have access to Internet-connected systems, though.  Is
> there a site someplace on the Internet (preferably a web server) where
> someone can submit a Python program to be run?  Telnet may be possible
> to use, but a browser would be ideal.
> John

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