Compiling to a library, instead of an executable?

Dimi Shahbaz dimator at
Mon Oct 25 07:01:31 CEST 2004

I've seen a few tools to create standalone executables from python 
scripts (py2exe, cx Freeze).  My question is, has anyone created a tool 
to create standalone libraries (.a, .so, .dll) from python scripts?  
I'd like to create a library, written in python, and compile it for 
other programs (in C, et al) to link with.  I wouldn''t mind bundling 
python23.dll with it.

This seems like it would be possible, but I couldn't find anything in 
the docs or via google.  I'm probably missing something simple, though. 
 The closest thing I found was:

but that seems like an awkward solution.


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