Social Analysis and Modeling for Python

Bishara Gabriel bgabriel at
Fri Oct 1 23:45:28 CEST 2004

Corey Coughlin wrote:

>Actually, back in school, I worked for a sociology professor doing a
>human population simulator, where we had all these people objects and
>a set of functions that updated their attributes as time went on, but
>we were forced to do it in C to have in run on the campus
>supercomputer, so it wasn't what you'd call object oriented.  I can
>see how using Python would make the modeling aspects a lot simpler. 
>So, to sum, sounds cool, hope you have a lot of sucess with it.
C???  My, that isn't even C++.  That must have been a real pain (mind 
stretcher) I imagine.  What is your area of specialty?

Thanks for the encouragement.  We also are hoping to have a lot of success!

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