Python in Process Control?

Andrea Griffini agriff at
Mon Oct 4 01:33:26 CEST 2004

On Sun, 03 Oct 2004 18:59:41 -0400, Peter L Hansen <peter at>

>No problem.  I believe I got and replied to an offline query(*) with
>some of the same content, but in any case I'm much happier carrying
>on such discussions "in public" where others can contribute, flame
>us as the idiots we are for not knowing about project X on Sourceforge
>(which they just started last week) which will do exactly what
>we want, and so on. ;-)

I think that python could be very useful in a lot of
areas of industrial control (often there's no
hard-realtime constraint and you can use a consumer
PC for the software).

The only thing that scares me a bit about using python
is that industrial control is (at least for the part
I'm seeing for my job) terribly closed-source.
I see for example that its very very common to use
even hardware locks for the software.

I'm not my boss, and could be hard to explain that it's
not a problem using an interpreted language that is
easily decompilable and using modules with licenses
that are basically nonsense in this context.
To a very specific question I was answered here that
the best thing to do before using e.g. pygame in a
closed source product is consulting a lawyer; and
that obtaining a clear answer would have been a sign
that the consulted lawyer isn't a good one.


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