pythondoc or epydoc?

David Keeney dkeeney at
Fri Oct 15 22:16:46 CEST 2004

The biggest complaint I have about epydoc is that it presents all
inherited methods (and data attributes?) for each class, even those
inherited from the builtin 'object' class.  There is a configuration
option to choose how those inherited elements are grouped, but none to
eliminate builtin attributes alltogether.  Does anyone have a trick to
accomplish this, or is there a modified version of the epydoc script
around that produces builtin-less docs?

I figure programmers sophisticated enough to know what to do with the
inherited methods can divine the opportunity from the 'def
class(object):' line.   For most readers, those inherited methods are
just clutter.  The 'object' class is in many class defs because that
indicates 'new-style' to the python interpreter, rather than because
those inherited methods are specifically used or overridden.


> I feel that epydoc makes a slighter better presentation than pydoc and
> use the former.
> Colin W.

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