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Fred Pacquier xnews2 at fredp.lautre.net
Tue Oct 26 17:02:16 EDT 2004

Andrew Dalke <adalke at mindspring.com> said :

> I got email about 6 months ago asking if it is okay to include my
> sb_culler program with the SpamBayes source code.  I haven't checked
> to see if that actually happened.

I just did : it's been added to CVS on June 11, same code as on the Wiki, 
but apparently not updated since, and not included in the contribs for 
the 1.0 release.

I already have a couple of naive questions :

* is the documented change on line 348 enough to run the script with a  
current version of Spambayes ?

* does use of sb_culler contribute to the training of the Spambayes db, 
or does it assume that it is kept current independently (by means of 
normal use by a mail client through the POP3 proxy for instance) ?
> As written it's designed for a programmer to use.  You had to
> edit code to change options.

That's OK with me, as long as the code is in python :)
> I've added a few new features since then, like reloading the
> good_emails file if there are changes.  Want to add another to
> whitelist based on domain, and to remove emails with a given
> subject, like "Sprava nebola dorucena".  Perhaps I'll update
> the wiki afterwards.

Well, if any of these new additions are available for outside use, I'd 
sure appreciate a copy of the updated script...


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