Quixote vs mod_python

flab ba flab at large.net
Thu Oct 14 08:43:57 CEST 2004


I am new to web app programming, but need to create a web app. I would
like to do it in Python

After extensive googling, reading news groups, blogs, and outdated /
incomplete "web app shoot outs" that don't seem to come to any conclusion,
I came across a number of alternatives, but my limited knowledge in this
field prevents me from seeing the virtues of one framework over the other.
The ones I saw were:

* Quixote (with mod_python or SCGI)
* straight up mod_python (the un-framework)
* Webware
* CherryPy
* Nevow
* Zope
* Snakelets

People had lots of good things to say about Quixote. Nevow looks
promising, but I don't grok it with its limited docs. Plus I get nervous
when there is only one developer working on it. I also get nervous about
Twisted. Zope is a bit heavyweight for what I need, I think.

CherryPy looks interesting, but I'm discouraged by the code-generator.
Supposedly CherryPy2 does away with this - but there has been no release

So, I'm trying to decide between "straight up" mod_python in conjunction
with something like Cheetah for templating (mod_python's PSP looks ugly),
or using Quixote.

Can somebody sway me one way or the other ? What would Quixote give me
that mod_python + Cheetah doesn't?

Thanks very much.

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