New to Python: Features

Max M maxm at
Tue Oct 5 09:32:34 CEST 2004

Richard Blackwood wrote:

> I can't believe you answered all of them, thank you.   Sorry for pissing 
> folks off over here.

It's no biggie and will quickly be forgotten, but try and lean back a 
moment, and contemplate what you are asking for in your posting.

You are basically asking for a report of Python specialised for your 
needs. This a is a lot of work for anybody who would choose to answer.

Most of the questions are easy to find the answers to, by just browsing 
the Python documentation. So it seems that you couldn't be bothered to 
do any research yourself, but you are asking the newsgroup to do it for 
you and write it up.

That is why it seems rude.

generally you will get better answers if it seems that you have made 
some effort yourself before asking.


hilsen/regards Max M, Denmark
IT's Mad Science

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