Error import PyWinTypes24.dll

Peter Hansen peter at
Fri Oct 29 17:04:05 CEST 2004

Alain wrote:
> I'm working on Windows XP, with Python24.
> I've a trouble with PyWinTypes24.dll (python Windows extensions).
> Trouble is not due to specific python version 24.
> To distribute my applications, I don't want to put anything else
> elsewhere (neither in Windows/System32 nor in registry).
> So I deliver a folder (says HOME) that contains two mains folders
>   - a folder Python24 that contains python distribution and
> msvcr71.dll, python24.dll, PyWinTypes24.dll
>   - a folder apps that contain a folder per python application
> I start my python applications with such command :
> HOME/Python24/Python HOME/apps/app1/
> Windows complains that it cannot found PyWinTypes24.dll.
> If I copy PyWinTypes24.dll in each HOME/apps/appX folder, then it
> works.
> It's a solution but not very nice.
> Is there a solution without duplicate PyWinTypes24.dll ?

Is there any reason you aren't just using py2exe and creating
a proper Windows installer (with, say, InnoSetup), instead
of doing it the hard way?

If for some reason you really insist on avoiding any changes
to the registry (which InnoSetup will probably make for you,
automatically), then you could just distribute a .zip of
the dist folder py2exe creates.  Still no problems such
as you are facing above.


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