Ubuntu Linux loves Python

Martin Maney maney at pobox.com
Tue Oct 12 19:36:47 CEST 2004

Harald Armin Massa <ghum at gmx.net> wrote:
> Mark Shuttleworth (= first Python programmer in space) explained his
> plans to initiate another Linux distribution (also knowing that there
> is not really a shortage of Linux distributions)

I hadn't realized that Mark was also known for his interest in Python,
but that would help explain the enthusiasm.

There are, indeed, many Linux distributions; too many to keep track of.
Ubuntu is leaping for the target of the average user's desktop, and
from what I've seen so far they're certainly headed in the right
direction, while keeping most of the advantages of Debian's solid
underpinnings.  I think Cally's new AMD machine is going to be running
Ubuntu when it lands on her desk... sometime Real Soon Now.  ;-)

The first official release, Warty Warthog, is scheduled for October
20th, a week after the final RC.  But really, you just grab the daily
CD and then keep current - just like Debian, though the last week's been
very busy as they work over the rough edges.  I guess that's a
characteristic difference that goes with having a release schedule:
package churn peaks near the end of the run-up rather than dwindling
away to a trickle as things settle down.

(I'm only following up on-list because it's not gotten out of hand. 
I'm actually feeling a little guilty, as I've been too busy to look
into Ubuntu's Python support any more deeply than noticing that, yep,
they do install a lot of those add-on batteries in the default setup.)

Self-pity is like sitting there and peeing your pants:
at first, it's warm and comfy, but pretty soon it gets cold
and then it starts to stink.  - anonymous, as is traditional

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