run python from a tcl/tk GUI

SunX xiaohua_sun at
Sun Oct 10 00:37:10 CEST 2004

mfuhr at (Michael Fuhr) wrote in message news:<4166267e_2 at>...
> xiaohua_sun at (SunX) writes:
> > Just wrote a front-end GUI with tcl/tk to take user input.  Want to
> > push a button on the GUI to start running a python script.
> Is there a reason not to write the entire GUI in Python and use
> Tkinter or wxPython?
> > I know one can use exec in tcl to run .exe files, but not .py or
> > .pyc, correct?
> Sounds like a platform-specific issue; since you mention .exe files,
> I assume you're running some flavor of Windows.  One can certainly
> run .py and .pyc files from a Tcl/Tk script on Unix-like systems.
> What does your code look like?

Sorry I forgot to mention that it was on windows.  But found out that
one way to do this is "exec ~/python.exe".

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