Referencing objects own functions

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Tue Oct 19 17:53:46 CEST 2004

On 19 Oct 2004 08:45:42 -0700, jackson.pip at (pip) wrote:
>Hi all,
> Pretend I have the following:
> class foo:
>   commands = [
>     'name': 'help',
>     'desc': 'Print help',
>   ]
>   def print_help(self):
>     print "Help is on the way!"
> I would like to add another entry to the commands dict. called 'func'
> or something which contains a reference to a function in the foo
> class. What would the entry look like if atall possible?

  Something like this?

      class foo:
          def print_help(self):
              print "Help is on the way!"
          commands = {
              "help": print_help}

  Note that print_help is a function, not a method, and so commands will contain a reference to a function.  This means when you call it you must supply self manually.  Another, perhaps easier, approach:

      class bar:
          def cmd_help(self):
              print "Help is on the way!"
          def run(self, command):
              return getattr(self, "cmd_" + command)()

  This takes advantage of the fact that cmd_help is already an entry in a dict - the class's attribute dict - and uses it directly from there.


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