Parallelization on multi-CPU hardware? (see POSH - Python shared objects)

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Tue Oct 26 09:22:36 CEST 2004

Andrew Dalke <adalke at> wrote:
> The major problem I have with it is its use of Intel
> specific assembly, generated (I as I recall) through
> gcc-specific inline code.  I run OS X.

Ouch -- and here I was, all rarin' to download and try in on my dual G5
powermac.  Ah well!  Tx for saving me the trouble, Andrew.

While intel-like CPUs are surely >10 times more widespread than ppc-like
ones _in general_, I think that's not the ratio for SMPs, given that
dual-G4 and dual-G5 powermacs have been sold in such large numbers over
the years.  Add to that the general popularity of Macs in the Python
community, and anybody interested in multi-CPU use of Python might want
to consider how much wider an audience he'd get if he supported MacOSX
as well as intelloids.  Andrew and I are just two examples of
Pythonistas who'd plunge to try out a POSH-like approach _iff_ it
supported our powermacs, but may not bother as it doesn't (I confess
I've never gone into enough depth on G4/G5 machine code/assembly, yet,
to be of much help _porting_ some intelloid-specific solution... my
[dated] assembly expertise is on intelloids and very different
architectures such as 6502, S/370, and VAX...).


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