MAPI Server...

Mike Monaghan junkmail at
Thu Oct 7 03:18:34 CEST 2004

I have inherited a glueware application that I'd like to convert to
Python.  To avoid a long discussion here's how the application

A voice mail system uses MAPI to pass a message to Outlook Express. 
Since Outlook Express has protection to prevent worms another program
hits the "It's okay to allow this" button.  Outlook then passes the
message to a SMTP server that puts the raw message in a file where
another program can pickup and parse the message into something

There's a lot of parts to this and to put it mildly I'm not really
happy with the way this is all put together.  I can't change the MAPI
call from the voicemail system.  The rest is open to debate.

The voicemail system treats Outlook as a MAPI server.  Is there any
support in Python to emulate this role?  I'd rather not reinvent the
wheel.  By emulating the Outlook Express' MAPI server I could take
Outlook, The button presser, the SMTP server, and a major part of the
last program out of the chain and provide a simple Python application
to do the job.  The logic in this isn't complex so python seems like a
natural if I can emulate the MAPI Server in Python.  Any references to
libs or source code would be great.



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