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Fri Oct 8 16:34:00 CEST 2004

Tim Golden <tim.golden at viacom-outdoor.co.uk> wrote in message news:<mailman.4560.1097223794.5135.python-list at python.org>...
> [Fuzzyman]
> | I think I am going to have a play with Quixote. I think I've finally
> | got my head around what it can be useful for and there are definitely
> | some parts of my site it will be helpful for. It still leaves the
> | question of whether I'm able to install it on someone else's serevr
> | without a shell account of course.....
> As long as you have FTP access and the ability to specify a
> PYTHONPATH somehow (eg via .htaccess on Apache), you just need 
> to copy a quixote directory from your own machine: it's pure 
> python (I think). I've done that on my cornerhost.com account 
> without any problems.

I think it's an APACHE server, so I should be alright with that. It's
just that there are two c files in the src directory : _c_htmltext.c
and cimport.c

I won't easily be able to compile those *on* the server (I don't
think). I *might* be able to get the sysadmin to do a proper install -
but no guarantees.

> You've probably sussed this already, but it's perfectly possible
> to have most of your site static with dynamic parts serviced via
> Quixote: just call them via your quixote_handler.cgi, possibly

I haven't even gone through the demo yet - so I don't know much about
the practicalities *at all*. But I *think* I understand why it will be
useful. I imagine you build your website as a single application with
the URLS mapping to function calls etc... The browser being the user
itnerface to your program. As I will probably have to use standard CGI
I will have to implement my own session persistence.

I can always just use quixote for the dynamic parts and plain HTML for
the rest..... (I assume)

> hidden behind a rewrite to provide a more graceful URL.

Hmm... how would I do a rewrite ? Send a redirect header ?

Thanks for your help.



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